A Tale of School Day Sports (Five Minute Friday: FAST)

This week’s prompt brought back a lot of memories, strangely in poem form. It’s not perfect in any way but I hope you like it:

I am not fast

Not built to last

If I ran a hundred metre

Agility would simply peter

Out and leave me last indeed

Not built for speed

Although I tried

The tears I cried

At limbs too slow

And even though

I tried my best

Always last

Never fast

So always last in line

No hockey skill was mine

Alone I stood never chosen

Heart and face stay frozen

Knowing I’m not good enough

Willing myself to look tough

As if I just don’t care

Facing down the sighing stare

Knowing I’m the last resort

Dooming any joy in sport

Surprised I was

When joy came later

A sunny day

In manmade crater

Of athletic stadium filled

With youngsters simply thrilled

To be there and compete

No one cares about two left feet

Each and every boy supported

Cheered and lauded

At coming first

Then final strait a final burst

We see the effort of our own

Who cares he’s last, he’s made it home

So thank God for Boys’ Brigade

Whose principles have stayed

To recognise in every boy

Their own achievement with equal joy

And I as captain share vicarious

Triumphs of my own and various

Boys – a taste of upside down

God’s kingdom where all gain a crown

No benefit in coming first

No red faced shame in coming last

An honour party round the throne

To welcome all God’s children home

Every week the Five Minute Friday community free write for a limited time inspired by a given prompt word. It’s also a fantastically supportive groups for writers. You can find more inspirational writing here: Community – Five Minute Friday

2 thoughts on “A Tale of School Day Sports (Five Minute Friday: FAST)

  1. I was never good at sports when I was a kid. My experience in phys ed class played a part in our decision to homeschool our kids, believe it or not! I think my kids had a much better experience playing community sports than I ever did at school!
    Visiting from FMF#22

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