Taste and See

The FMF Writing Prompt Link-up :: Savor – Five Minute Friday link this week is ‘Savor’ (or ‘Savour’ to us Brits!). Although I haven’t used the actual word, it triggered a memory of a Bible quotation that prompted a poem. Or half a poem. Or the introduction to something else that went into a completely different direction. Such is my brain today.

Anyway, enjoy the on topic poem as it stands or with off topic part two.


Take your time

No need to rush

Let your mind still

In the hush

Of soaking sunshine

Breath of breeze

Showered in birdsong

Find its ease

Let the beauty

All around you

Gently step

Into your view

Feel the arms of love

Surround you

Know you are His

Creation too.



Maybe that’s not

Your conclusion

A loving God

Seems an illusion

Life has thrown up


Pain and suffering make

Him a fiction

I wish that I had

Answers for you

Neatly packaged

Into easy proof

To reassure

Your rightful questions

Comfort you

With simple truth

I too have screamed

Into the darkness


In my distress

Weakly whimpered

Into the void, “Why?”

“I am with you”

Cold reply

And yet…and yet

That empty answer

Has seeped in slowly

To my heart

I’m not alone

Not unacknowledged

He walks with me

That’s a start

And as I get to know

Him better

Wrestle with this

Tricksy Lord

Reassurance grows

Gradual in me

Trusting, anchoring

In His Word

Reasons for my

Suffering come not

But companions

Sent in lieu

Practical directions

Laid out

Step by step

Forge my way through

Looking back

I can see now

From my suffering

Purpose grew

If I hadn’t anguished

In extremis

How could I

Reach out to you?

United in a

Common language

Shared experience


Weaves a rope of

Strength from struggles

Pull together

We arise

May I suggest we

Lay our questions,

Anger, wranglings,

At His Cross?

Look up into a

Face abandoned

Traumatic agony

And loss

Mirrored in Him

Our dilemma:

Love and longing,

Frustration, fear.

Arms stretched out in

Pain-drenched welcome

“I have got you.

I AM here.”

2 thoughts on “Taste and See

  1. This is so beautiful, all of it! We may not always have the answers we think we need, but we do always have our Savior with us, giving us strength and encouraging us through His word and the comfort of friends. Blessings to you! I’m your neighbor at #FiveMinuteFriday.


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