WAY (Five Minute Friday)

Hi Everyone! Back to poetry with this week’s Five Minute Friday prompt.  https://fiveminutefriday.com/2020/09/10/fmf-writing-prompt-link-up-could-free-training-for-writers/

I wrote this  back in April and it’s not where I am now but maybe it’ll chime with some of you.



The way is dark

As I edge fearfully forward

Afraid to fall,

Afraid to bring another down with me,

Struggling to hold them up

While my own legs shake,

Arms tremble,

And stomach churns bending me double.

Each step proves

The evenness of the path

But in this black pitch

I am blind.

Whispers of companions

Touch my arm

From time to time

As we all anxiously

Feel our way.

Torches in unfamiliar hands

Briefly illuminate

A few feet ahead.

I wish I too could say

‘one step enough for me’*

But my wounded faith is impatient

And desperate for aid.

The tiniest pinprick

Teases and calls my eye

But I can’t tell

If it is the end

Of this journey,

An opening back into daylight,

Or just a lamp at a bend in the tunnel.

I stumble on.


The way is dark

My stomach anxious

My heart fearful

Take my hand, Lord,

Take our hands

And lead us on

Don’t let go

Don’t let us slip

Out of your grip


My daddy had strong hands

On our daily holiday walks

Even when our path was steep

And rubbled

And seemed beyond

The ability of my little legs

Unending, unendurable

He trudged on

Leading the way

Never letting go

My small fingers safely lost

In his enormous muscled grasp

And if I faltered or tripped

He would pull me up and on

With shoulder wrenching power

Or sometimes moved behind me

To push me up

Some impossible incline

His stamina bottomless

Right now, Lord, you are

Shoving and yanking me

Up and on

I can feel the pain of it

And know the need

To lean into your strength

For I have none

I am still that small self

Unable to see beyond

The immediate climb

In front of me

But I will try to trust you

Rely on your taller view

Believe your knowledge of the route

Be my Daddy

And give me your strength

*from Lead Kindly Light https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwJqCQoa2b0

4 thoughts on “WAY (Five Minute Friday)

    • Thank you Loretta.
      So much to learn in pain, glad to have an honest, even raw, relationship with my Heavenly Daddy.
      God bless


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