PIGEON’S WING (Five Minute Friday: RUSH)

I’m late posting this week as I changed my mind about what to write and then had to fit it round family pre Christmas commitments. Thanks for being patient.


When you’re in the depths of despair
Or depression –
When I am in those depths –
All the energy sucked out of me
Like circulating water
Hurrying down a plughole,
Sleep chased away nightly
By worries in battalions
Mown down by the musket fire of logic
Only to be replaced by another line,
Exhausted, overwhelmed
Thoughts, tasks, actions, all jam like traffic to
A standstill, edge forward, standstill and edge again
No end in sight.

But in this enforced, unasked for gear change
I discover beauty I would have missed –
The exact leaf shade of autumnal wisteria,
The pink, blue, and lilac in a pigeon’s grey,
The moon’s corona explained by my boy
The calming rhythm of a row of knitting
The magical transformation that creates a loaf of bread –
A whole world in the small, the overlooked, the ordinary

And I wonder what really counts –
Deeds impacting many
Politics and philanthropy
Scientific discovery and invention
Career and dedication
Or knowing the exact colour of a pigeon’s wing?

Hope you like it. If you’d like to read more inspirational writing from the lovely Five Minute Friday community, you can find it here: https://fiveminutefriday.com/2019/12/05/fmf-writing-prompt-link-up-rush/

10 thoughts on “PIGEON’S WING (Five Minute Friday: RUSH)

  1. “Only to be replaced by another line….” That just nails the struggle of depression. “A whole world in the small, the overlooked, the ordinary….” and what a way of describing a reconnection with the world. Haunting and lovely words.


    • Bless you Jerimi, depression sucks but at least its rich for inspiration sometimes. Recommend ‘Simply Tuesday’ for lessons in the value of small.


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