MORE (working title)

As usual, I’m joining the inspired and inspiring bunch of writers at

In my head, I can hear this as a song but I’m not musical enough to do more than lyrics. However,  if one of you talented readers could put a tune and arrangement to it, let me know!

Wishing I had listened more
And spoken less
Wishing I had noticed more
And missed less
Wishing I had done more prevention
Designed interventions
To protect you from harm
And sustain you in trouble

Wishing I had done more
Been more
Been better

Wishing I had seen more
Of what you needed
Wishing I’d skilled more
For ease of your succeeding
Wishing I could fix you
But I’m not meant to
I’m not a magic charm
I’m just an arm
For you to lean on

But I still wish I’d done more
Been more
For you

Deep down I know
I’m not meant to be the answer
How can you learn
To be more
If I do it for you?

But I can listen more now
And I can notice more now
And I can see more now
And I can pray more now


2 thoughts on “MORE (working title)

  1. So beautiful, thought provoking, and straight to the heart! Made me smile that I landed here (as your FMF #47 neighbor, who also wrote about “seeing more”, AND also a songwriter). I thought perhaps I had landed here for those reasons, but after reading I realized that I didn’t land here for you… I landed here for me! I COULD put a tune to this, but it honestly doesn’t need it. It is beautifully complete and whole just as it is, and I am honored to have been invited into this space…


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