Yippee! (FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY ‘Include’)

Am I allowed to be indulgent with this week’s prompt word from Five Minute Friday http://fiveminutefriday.com/2018/05/10/fmf-link-up-include-free-training-offer/ and use it to tell you some news? I hope you’ll excuse me as I do.

You see, I found out today that a piece I submitted has been accepted for inclusion in an upcoming Christmas anthology. It’s unlikely to hit the bestseller lists and it’s just one short piece among many. But it is the first time I’ll have been properly published as a writer.

The nearest I’ve come before was a short book review for a magazine letters page. And if that was exciting enough to see my Christian name in print, maybe you can imagine how I’m feeling about this: not just my name but words, phrases, sentences carefully crafted from my imagination, mulled over, edited and re-edited, until I was satisfied they made a finished whole. (Actually, that’s not entirely true as the editors have asked for a small cut, which I have willingly submitted to, trusting their experience and expertise).

I was going to write today about that age old feeling of rejection from being the last to be called into a kids’ sports team (I had plenty of practise at that) or from not being invited to join others’ games, how I still find it difficult – still fear that same rejection – whenever I go into an unknown group for the first time.

Instead, God has given me an experience of being included – literally, with other writers – and of course, it is giving me the opposite feeling, that of acceptance, of being wanted, of being good enough, of being chosen. And I am reminded of the great security I have found from being chosen to be loved by my husband and my in laws.

And that leads me on to the fact that God has chosen to love me. God wants me. God accepts me. God wants to include me in His amazing plans for life-in-all-its-fullness.

Which is an even bigger cause for celebration.




11 thoughts on “Yippee! (FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY ‘Include’)

  1. Congratulations! I know how it feels not to be included, especially as a writer. It’s wonderful to feel like you really belong.


    • Thank you Bethany. I think this group is one of the first places I felt I belonged as a writer – I hope you do too.


  2. I am super excited for you! Isn’t it fun to receive the good news you’ve been selected? What a wonderful way to be included. Yipppppeeee! I’m rejoicing with you.
    Visiting from the #FMF link up. Your neighbor,


  3. Congratulations! So glad I read your FMF post today because mine is very similar! Is it the ACW Christmas anthology? I’ve had a piece accepted in that and it’s my first time being included in something like that too so I understand your excitement!


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