WORTH: lessons from a supply teacher (Five Minute Friday)

There was a supply teacher at our boys’ infants school who all the kids adored. They loved it when Mrs J was called in.

I guess it was difficult remembering all their names as she was brought at short notice into any one of nine different classes. So she got round it by calling each child ‘Special’.

But the thing was, the way she said it as she held a child’s gaze, she made every single one believe they were special. It wasn’t just a technique for overcoming an impossible number of names to recall, it was a genuine belief that every child was of great worth.

I knew, know, her outside of school. She spoke, speaks, to everyone like that. You come away from a conversation with her feeling truly listened to, as if everything you have to say, no matter how trivial, is important. She just has an amazing manner that makes you feel cared for after even a short interaction.

No wonder she is loved.

I think the secret is in order to be valued, you have to make others feel their worth. And that’s what she does.

It’s an example worth following.

This is my regular link up with the wonderful writers at Five Minute Friday. More posts can be found at http://fiveminutefriday.com/2017/06/15/christian-writing-life-worth/.  Why not take a look?

2 thoughts on “WORTH: lessons from a supply teacher (Five Minute Friday)

    • Thanks Lesley. You’re so right – it seems such a small thing just to stop and truly give your full attention to someone, to give them a thoughtful name, but it does make such a difference


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