SHOULD (Five Minute Friday)

As I join this week’s Five Minute Friday link up, I’m cheating a bit by sharing a poem I wrote a few years ago but it immediately came to mind because this word was so key to it. More info about this great writing community can be found here



I dreaded New Year’s Eve.

Although I danced

My mind stood motionless

In the middle of the dancefloor,

Mesmerised by clock hands

Counting down the minutes,

Adding up the regrets.

Did no one else notice?

Did no one else look back

As the chimes hammered home

All the should have,

could have,

would have dones?


While others whirled,

Drunkenly drowning out the passing of time

With overloud music and cheering,

With raucous singing of familiar meaningless words,

And kissing of strangers,

I stood outside

Gazing at cold stars,

Searching for perspective

To hide my sadness in.


Now New Year’s Eves are quieter, warmer,

Less strained with painful contrast.

I still look back and wonder

Was my year well used?

But now I have my perspective

For one New Year’s Eve

Brought me you.



8 thoughts on “SHOULD (Five Minute Friday)

    • Thank you Stephanie. I’d comment further but I think the poem says all that I can about shoulds, expectations, regrets, and the lifelong change that one New Year’s Eve brought.


  1. I find this poem emotional, deep, retrospective while prospective at the same time. I appreciate your verbiage. Thanks for sharing. It make me do the usual end of year evaluation now.


  2. Thanks for sharing this poem! I’m constantly feeling bad on New Years…all of the regrets, the should haves, they overwhelm me! I’m so glad God makes each day new. I live much more in the day to day now rather than the long term. It helps me stay focused. Thanks for your great reflection and your changed perspective at the end!


    • Hi Amy! I’m so relieved to find I’m not the only one who gets that sense of melancholy and regret on New Year’s Eve. I’m learning to count my blessings regularly now but it’s great to find a kindred spirit. God bless x


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