EMPTY (Five Minute Friday)

It’s a big word, empty.

Strange how such nothingness can be so vast.

Or it can be small but devastating.


Empty reminds me of the hole left in my life

by the death of my mother.

Empty reminds me of how depression

sapped me of motivation and energy,

leaving me void of feeling,

a big black terrifying blank.


But empty also reminds me of

a cleared room before decorating,

a white canvas ready with easel, brushes, and paints laid out before it,

a vase waiting to be filled,

bare earth before planting,

the last Resurrection Egg in the box.


Empty is the moment before something new.

Empty is a place to begin again.

Empty is the potential for anything.

Empty is a tomb on Sunday morning.

Empty is the garden where we meet Him.

(This is my weekly link up with the Five Minute Friday community hosted at http://katemotaung.com/).



10 thoughts on “EMPTY (Five Minute Friday)

  1. Great reflections here. So true that emptiness shows that nothing can be vast, but it also speaks of potential for something new. Visiting from FMF #12. Happy Easter!


    • I so nearly went with just my previous experience of empty – grief and depression – but that wouldn’t have been the whole truth. It wouldn’t have been the whole Easter story either. God bless you this Easter

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    • Thanks for coming up with such a powerful word this week, Kate, perfect for this Easter season. God bless you this Easter too


      • Lovely. Both sides of empty is a great idea for a poem. Particularly over Easter. I love the idea of empty being a blank canvas – a blank piece of paper too, for a writer. Beautiful poem, Liz.


      • How did I miss the blank page idea?! Interestingly, it didn’t start off as a poem but after I wrote it, I played around with the layout and found it worked. It was a great prompt word for Easter.


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