FMF Middle


I got quite cross when I heard a news story the other day, telling the sandwich generation, those of us in the middle taking care of both offspring and elderly parents, to make more time to take care of ourselves to avoid health problems. Didn’t these experts realise, I thought, that we simply don’t have time to look after ourselves because we are so busy looking after everyone else? And that when the rarity of a spare moment comes along we are just too exhausted to do the extra things they recommended like exercise?

But is that strictly true?

I’ve been reminded a few times this week of the need to take care of myself if I’m to be a good daughter and mother. My boss has said it. One of my favourite bloggers, PromisePainter, wrote about needing a bigger plate to balance all our oranges and the ways to grow one to fit your need by healthy habits, spiritual care, choosing wisely, and stepping out in faith.

Perhaps God is trying to tell me something.


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