Here’s a little Christmas present for you – an extra post on the Jesse Tree theme, a poem I wrote before I even decided to do this season of reflections. I hope you’ve found the series interesting, helpful, thought and hopefully action provoking. See you in the New Year and may God bless you this Christmas and onwards.



We’re not so different you and I

Our backgrounds not so unalike

As first appears

We both had ancestors

Who worked the land or tended livestock

Who administered or manufactured

Who served or gave orders

Who enlisted in their country’s armies

Who slept with people they shouldn’t

Travellers and foreigners


Mine didn’t own their land or animals

Like yours

Mine made guns and railways

Whereas yours made ploughs and buildings

Mine were low down in the administration

Of banks and hospitals

Whereas yours ruled whole countries

Yours invaded lands

Whereas mine defended it

But still, it’s not so different.

They loved

They fought

They struggled

With each other

And with God

We do not come from such different stock

You and I





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