BOUQUETS and Brownie Points (Day 27 Write 31 Days)

As I came home from work yesterday, I was listening to a radio feature called ‘Homework Sucks’. Questions from parents and children are sent in to be answered by the audience, some serious some more lighthearted.

Last night’s questioner asked about brownie points – whether they can cashed in and if so, how, as well as requesting tips on accumulating them with his wife.

I had to smile. Didn’t he understand that his reward for his brownie point collecting behaviour was a happy wife and the knowledge that he had brought this about? Of course they can’t be cashed in – the accumulation of points is the reward in itself!

And as for how to earn more brownie points, that’s easy – it’s all about thoughtfulness and time spent in that.

I’m blessed with a husband who likes to buy things for me – perfume from Duty Free when he’s been abroad for work, a trip to a dreamt of restaurant for a special birthday, a bar of my favourite chocolate when I’ve had a bad day. And he has bought me plenty of flowers in our 30 or so years of history together. But he is as likely, in fact more likely, to buy me a bouquet just because it’s Tuesday or he saw some when he was shopping and thought I’d like them, as he would for a special occasion. He buys them just because he knows I love getting flowers (especially when I’m dieting as they are a calorie and therefore guilt free treat!).


You see, it’s not the size of the bouquet or the amount spent on it that earns brownie points. It’s the fact that it’s proof he spent time thinking about me and what might make me happy. I’d go so far as to say that anyone can buy roses for Valentine’s Day because it’s hard to escape the reminders but only a truly thoughtful man brings home sunflowers from a midweek supermarket shop to say thank you for all his wife’s day to day care of the family.

I know I’m blessed to have that kind of man.

Many years ago, I stole a saying from Dr Phil and adapted it for my own use, usually with my sons. But I have a version I say to my husband and it goes like this:

‘I’m sure God has made some great husbands but He gave me the best one’.



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