GLOBAL (Day 24 Write 31 Days)

It’s a different world to the one I grew up in. Or, more accurately, it’s a different life I’m living. The nearest I got to a holiday abroad was a school day trip to Boulogne in my teens. I was 22 before I ever got an aeroplane. But now I’m off to New York in a few days, for the third time; I’ve driven across Europe, Valentined in Venice, and holidayed on the islands of the Canaries, Minorca, Gozo, and Cape Verde; oh, and there’s the small matter of working in Rwanda for a while.

There’s something inspirational about flying. Pen and journal have become a regular part of my hand luggage. Here’s the result of one journey:


AZ384 (Underneath are the everlasting arms):

We sit,

In mint-sucking anticipation of

Acceleration and lift

Like swans running across

The canal surface until

Acute angled up

We speed

Into the sky.

Our arms outstretch

Across the aisle

To each other

For reassurance,

Echoing the shape

Of our aeroplane’s wings

Or a skein of geese

Flying in formation,

We, like them,

Are steering south

Away from autumn

T’ward warmer light.



We soar steadfastly forward

Like an optimistic

Paper dart

Launched high

Across the room

Or as my father

Used to swoop me

In exciting safety

Into bed.

Here we skim

Higher skies,

Hand holding,

Hand held,

On rising air currents

On angel wings

On the very fingertips

Of God.


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