BLOWOUT – Celebration Time, Come On! (Day 23 Write 31 Days)

‘Buy balloons, make cupcakes, celebrate God today! Give Him thanks for all He’s done in your life’.


That’s the instructions from today’s 40 Days of Tiny Adventures with God (

When I first looked at this, the last thing I felt like doing was celebrating with a blowout: my father is still in hospital with further problems; I was up at 5am today to take my husband to the airport for his work trip to Colorado; and I have the prospect of my first week of being in the house entirely alone (previously I still had my sons living at home when their dad went away).

But I am aware that I have plenty to thank God for. So I thought I’d make a list:

I am thankful for having a great husband, who works hard and brings home enough money to support our family, keep us in comfort, and be generous to others. I am thankful for 30 years of him being in my life and 24 years of marriage to him. I am thankful that this trip will be a break from the routine for him and that he will get some well earned downtime while he’s in America. I am thankful that his company has re-routed his trip to allow for me to join him later on in New York for a mini road trip together and a longed for family reunion.

I am thankful for modern technology that allows us and our boys to stay in touch so easily, no matter the distance. I am thankful for Facebook, mobile phones, and Skype in particular. (When I worked in Rwanda many years ago, my mum had to wait 2 weeks to get a letter to find out that I’d arrived safely!). And I am thankful that all my precious men want to stay in touch regularly.

I am thankful for God’s direct word to uphold me this morning – for Diana Jordan’s Radio 2 show, The Sunday Hour, playing as I drove back from Heathrow its comforting songs and these words from Romans: ‘For I am convinced that nothing can separate us from the love that is in Christ Jesus’ and especially ‘neither height nor depth’. It reminds me that while my beloved is up in the air on 3 different plane journeys over the next 24 hours and I am down here on the ground, Jesus is holding onto both of us. I am thankful, similarly, for the early service at church today: for my old friend, Marion, to sit next to; for the beautiful stained glass windows that spoke to my heart of hope and God’s presence; for the words of the hymns that were just spot on for my situation.

Even in the midst of a stressful time, there is a lot to be thankful for.

Maybe I will make some cupcakes after all – I can always take them into work tomorrow.

wp_20151018_07_18_26_pro(Wish I could make cakes as good this – but these poppy cupcakes were courtesy of my lovely best friend, Liz)



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