AWARE (Day 13 Write 31 Days)

When we visited our younger son at university the other week for the first time, I saw a familiar sight: words on the back of his hand scrawled in biro. He’s used this method of reminding himself to do something all through senior school and 6th Form College.

The instruction from 40 Days of Tiny Adventures with God ( for today – ‘write “Jesus” on your hand to help you be aware of His presence’ – brought my boy’s habit immediately to mind. But, contrary as I am, it also brought to mind Isaiah 49.16, where God says to Jerusalem:

‘See, I have written your name on the palms of My hands.’

I think this applies to us too.

But I think God has us written in something much more permanent than my son’s biro, that can be washed off once the homework is completed or the task done. Some translations use ‘inscribed’ or ‘engraved’; I suppose the modern equivalent would be tattooed.

After our cousin’s son died traumatically in his 20s, she had a tattoo of a heart with his name and dates of birth and death so that everyone would know that, although he was gone, he was still her son and always in her heart. What a thought, that God might have our names tattooed where He can always see them, a reminder (not that He needs it) that we are His beloved children and always in His heart!

So I might write ‘Jesus’ on my hand today to help me be more aware of Him (and see if I get any interesting questions about it) but I will also remember that my name is written on His and that he never forgets me.



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