THANKS (Day 11 Write 31 Days)

We had a family saying, a somewhat tart retort, if someone complained about pain in part of their body: ‘Well, be thankful you’ve got a [leg/stomach/etc.]!’

It wasn’t a very sympathetic response and, in it’s defence, it was usually made when patience with the patient was being stretched to its limit or if the complainee was felt to be ‘putting it on a bit’.

But as the prompt for Day 11 is ‘Thanks’ and I’m late posting this because of a threatened migraine last night, I’m going with that response: I’m thankful for my head (even it sent me to bed for the evening) and this morning I’m thankful for my throat, even though it’s sore. Perhaps it’s a hint to stop talking so much!

Sorry it’s such a short post but I’m determined to keep going with Write 31 Days challenge – normal service will be resumed when said head and throat are behaving themselves better.


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