Born Again POST-IT Note (Day 9 Write 31 Days)

I suppose every office has that ubiquitous supply of yellow pads for leaving messages on colleagues’ computer screens where they can be easily seen (and just as easily removed). Or for moving contributions about on a flipchart based discussion at a meeting.

Of course, that’s the point of Post-Its: that they can be stuck and restuck to a surface over and over again.

Jesus compared His followers to salt but warned, “if salt loses its flavour, how can it be made salty again? It is no good for anything.” The same could be said about our office stationery: “if a Post-It note loses its stickiness, how can it be made sticky again?”

Now I don’t know about salt and what could stop it being salty but I do know what stops a Post-It being sticky. It gets clogged up with tiny detritus – dust, fluff, hair, dirt. All these things form a barrier between the glue and the surface. They block the purpose of the note.

So what blocks our purpose? What gets in the way of us being who we’re meant to be and doing what we’re called to do? It may not be something big but a gradual build up of tiny barriers over time, small moments and habits that have diverted our priorities away, or incremental instances of confidence eroded.

Jesus also called His followers lamps and encouraged them use their light for others. So maybe that’s the answer to how to become a born again Post-It note: ask Jesus to remove the detritus from our lives and then start putting our purpose into action.



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