PAINT (day 2 – Write 31 Days)

Two posts for the price of one today – to get up to date with #write31days.

I can’t paint, well, only walls that is. Art classes, drawing and painting have never been my forte. However, this year, for my Lent discipline (I try to take something on rather than give something up), I bought a colouring book, Multicoloured Meditations, from Lindisfarne Scriptorium ( and a set of Sharpies.

I spent the next 40 days+ slowly colouring in different pictures and texts, taking the time to let the words and meaning sink in whilst allowing myself the joy of feeling like a child again. I experimented with colour schemes and learned that, whilst some are definitely more successful than others, there’s no such thing as getting it wrong, which is very liberating for me.

But the thing that struck me the most was the view when I turned over the page. From the back the colours are patchier and the outlines unclear but beautiful nevertheless. In reverse a more delicate and subtle image appears. I even preferred some of the mirror images to the actual ones and found myself looking at them over and over again.

The only problem is it’s really hard to read the text when it’s rather blurred and appears as mirror writing. The message isn’t clear at all.

There’s a saying I heard once about our lives being like a tapestry that, while we are alive, we only see from the underneath. We might be able to detect the odd pattern or colour scheme but it’s back to front and covered in knots. Only God can see the right side and the true detailed design He is weaving in our lives.

And it struck me those colouring pages are the same. From the back they can be beautiful but they are back to front and without the full detail. We only get a glimpse ‘through a glass darkly’ (as St Paul puts it) of the glorious work of art God is producing in our lives. But what a promise and a hope to hold onto!


Addendum: I wish I could share some of the back to front images with you but the colouring designs, even when completed (and I have to therefore presume also in reverse), are copyright protected. But do go and look at the amazing resources at Lindisfarne Scriptorium and maybe try one for yourself.


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