When you can’t sleep, write a poem…

No FMF post from me this week, I’m afraid. An exhausting week at work, coupled with extra family responsibilities and a sleepless night, defeated any creativity in me.

However, that sleeplessness reminded me of a poem I wrote on a similar night so I thought I’d share that with you instead:


Insomnia creeps out


Like a cockroach

From behind the skirting board

Then scuttles up the bedposts

To pinion me awake

Sleepiness is driven away

By heart race, heart thump, heart burn

But tiredness stubbornly remains

Useless regrets for that second glass of wine

And curry

Kickstart my brain’s nocturnal talent

For turning thoughts into worries

Exasperated I surrender

To the too familiar routine

Decamping to the sofa

Hoping for solace in warm milk

And a lonely sleeping bag




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