BUILD: Confessions of a Secret Country Music Fan (Transferred from Five Minute Friday)


My kids like to watch (and laugh) at an obscure Irish Country & Western Music channel – it’s an interesting and somewhat niche musical culture. But they were shocked when I asked them not to channel surf past one music video because I want them to play it at my funeral.

It’s Lee Ann Womack’s ‘Something Worth Leaving Behind’ and it sums up my hopes for my life: that whilst I accept that I won’t make any major mark on world history, I can build a future legacy of love for those I leave behind.

It’s why I pray for my boys (sons and husband) every day. And that’s a legacy left to me by my late mother.

But futures and legacies don’t just happen; they need building: foundations built (thank you Mum) then daily bricks and mortar added, otherwise the project stagnates. Sometimes plans change or need extending. And it can be hard work.

I have a friend with five children, whose house is always untidy. She told me once that cleaning her house was less important to her than building memories for her children. I think she has her priorities right.

So, when my funeral comes along, I hope, with God’s help, that I have a built a legacy of love for my boys to take into the future and that, on that day, they can listen to a country song with affection.

‘Hey baby, see the future that we’re building.

Our love lives on

In the lives of our children.

That’s something,

Something worth leaving behind.’


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