Fathers’ Day

With Fathers’ Day approaching, it seems apt to share a poem about my Dad. It would be easy with his progressing dementia and recent illness to post something about struggle. But I’d rather go with hope today:




When I was younger

We always knew when my father was happy

Because he hummed to himself.

He was unaware

But his contentment could not be contained

And spilled out in sound.

We would smile, knowingly,

At each other

But say nothing,

Just happy that he was happy.


He hums less these days

His mind preoccupied with recurring thoughts

Chasing elusive memories

Like a dog after his tail.

We repeat answers to his repeated questions

Pretending each time is the first

Sharing the seeping loss of him.


But his grandson sings unknowingly

An unconscious inheritance

Reminding us of happiness

And we still smile.




2 thoughts on “Fathers’ Day

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